Sunday, November 25, 2012

Turning 50!

It's here! My special day!  
November 25, 2012
I can hardly believe it!  But it is true!
I have reached the half-century milestone!!

Here are some thoughts about this point in my life.  Nothing too deep, just some thoughts!

I remember when I used to think “50” was old.  

I think it was just last week!! LOL!!

So now I am here!  

However, I still feel so young!  

And I feel like I have sooooooo much left to do in life!  

My kids don’t require the constant one-on-one attention I used to give them.  But they like it when I give them my attention, and I love being with them!  My husband and I are very independent.  But we both love spending time together doing even mundane things like watching TV or shopping for household needs.  I find that I seem to have lots of “me-time” now, and I do love that as well.  I spend  a lot of that “me-time” crafting, mostly making gifts for others.  

I truly love living my life! 

I would not mind having a job that took me around the world teaching people how to craft, and then when not travelling, being home creating the stuff!  But I already have such a fulfilling job at church, that crafting on the side is just what I choose to do with some of my "me-time." 

I did use to dream about one day, opening my own brick and mortar shop.  I guess a part of me still dreams that dream.  But it's not as realistic as the possibility of travelling around the world teaching craft classes.  In fact, the travelling part of my dream sort of came through the weekend of Nov. 1st to Nov. 3rd, 2012.  That was the weekend I traveled to Stamford, CT, to help the Creating Keepsakes team, teach for their University.  They had people pay $295 a piece to attend many classes in which they created mini-albums and layouts and tried a variety of new techniques. 

I arrived at 11 am on Thursday, 11/01/12, and was asked to help with one of the “a la carte” classes that afternoon.  I enjoyed helping Nicole Harper teach her very complex Summer Fresh album, using Simple Stories Summer 2012 kit.  That was from 11 am till about 12:30.  We had lunch, then from 3 pm till just about 6 pm, I helped with the group album experience — all the stars were there for that, including Vicki Boutin, Mou Saha  (Creating Keepsakes Dream Team member), Megan Hoeppner  (Creating Keepsakes Creative Editor), Nicole Harper  (Creating Keepsakes Dream Team member), Angie Magnuson  (Unity Stamp Co. teacher), Annette Hardy  (Creating Keepsakes teacher), and Jen Gallacher  (Echo Park teacher).  The ladies all made another super cute mini-album that required a lot of different techniques using paper folding, cutting, and some stamping.  It was held in a huge room with all 150 participants there at one time.  All of us were walking around helping the ladies do their books, while one of the “superstars” each took turns giving directions for several pages.

After that session was done, I was told that I was free to go enjoy my evening.  So I went to the mall across from the hotel and walked around a bit looking at the stores, then got my meal and ate there, while reading my newest CK magazine.  I was exhausted from the early morning commute there, which took about 3.5 hours, and then being on my feet all afternoon.  I then went back to my room and was prepared for a night of cropping (I was making a small mini-album using the Prima Notebook paper line) but I was too tired to sit and work on it.  I climbed into bed, and fell asleep almost immediately.  It was a KING size bed, with SIX pillows.  I loved it!!!

For the rest of the weekend, I was teamed up with one of my favorite scrappers, Mou Saha.  I assisted her as she taught 7 mixed media classes between Friday and Saturday, to 150 participants with all levels of expertise.  It was a wonderful experience.  
 And I appreciated getting to meet so many “superstars” and being behind the scenes with them. 

Back to me at 50:  I still love working with my kiddos in church.  They bring such joy to me and make my heart sing.  I also love the days when I can feel the creative juices flowing all through me and my art.  And crafting gives me an outlet and allows me to get total fulfillment when I “make pretty stuff.”  It allows me to shine my light in ways that others can appreciate.  And of course, I love spending time with my husband, kids, extended family, and my dear friends!  

Overall, at 50, I am blessed to have a lot of life and energy and such an amazing and loving family and group of friends. 

A few have told me that I am now on the downhill side of life.  Still a lot of scenery here, but definitely coasting down, rather than chugging uphill.  

I believe that’s actually not a bad thing. 

Many years ago, my family and I drove up the Mount Washington in New Hampshire.  I can't remember how high that mountain was, but I remember it was a tough drive up in the middle of summer.  The road was narrow and very curvy and there were no guardrails, and it was terribly difficult on the car and on us emotionally.  When we got to the summit, it was foggy and cold, almost snowing up there!  We welcomed the short respite, but were rather frazzled to enjoy the victory much.  And frankly, we just wanted to get back to ground level.  There wasn't must to do up there!  The ride back down was much easier and as we got closer to the valley, leaves started appearing on the trees again and the road seemed to widen and we all collectively breathed so much deeper!  

Now at 50, I can relate to that journey.  Maybe the "hard" part of my life is over and I can just further enjoy this part of my life's journey!!  It hasn't been that hard really. So I should just coast from now on, right?  

I think will look at the coming days with that perspective! 
Why not, right? 
Why not look at life on the bright side and enjoy it? 
I will, to its fullest. 

Because, after all, at the end of my days, I want to look back and see that I lived a full life!!!  I just pray that I have a whole LOT of days left because I have so much that I want to live!!!  And I know that with my faith, I can face what comes in the next 50 years.  I am so blessed and will always give glory to God for all He's given me!

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