Friday, July 6, 2012

Indiana Jones style Journal

This was a really fast and fun project because I had the material almost ready to go.  I followed the directions posted by Bobbi in a website called How Does She?  (

It is a super tutorial on how to make a Reusable Nature Journal and Bobbi links the template that I used for my Indy Journal.  Look at how cute it came out:

I absolutely love the texture of this thing!  It is sort of like fake leather with pits on most of it, but smoother texture on the fold-over portion.  

Look at what I used to make the journal:

It's my old day planner.  I always loved this one.  I usually keep all my annual daytimers, but I knew I would eventually re-use this old one for something.  Using Bobbi's template, I cut out my new nature journal cover and since the texture of the 2010 planner was so awesome, I didn't have paint over it or do anything to it.  In a future blogpost, you will see that I also made some mini-nature journals, also using old daytimer covers, but there was writing on those covers, so I had to paint them before using them.  

Here's a view of the inside of my Indy Journal.  I used 90lb hard-pressed water-color papers for the inside of the journal, dimension 5 1/8 X 8.  The cover of the journal is 6 X 10 1/4.  

You may not know this, but I am often reluctant to paint on the very first page of any of my journals.  So I decided to put a cover page with a pocket on the first page.  That way, I can add some tags or put my journaling pencil in it.  I chose a very nice sheet from the Teresa Collins Fabrications paper line as my cover:  

You may notice that I chose to sew the pocket instead of gluing it.  I also stitched all the pages together straight down the middle.  Once I am done arting in this journal, it can be removed and saved as is, since it has such a cute cover.  

Here is the cover with some tags so you can see the front pocket in use!  

I'm so inspired by this journal that I plan to not only complete the two mini-nature journals I began today, but also try one out using a canvas cover, perhaps from the Jolee's French General collection.  That may take me a little longer to complete because I may have to reinforce the canvas with book board.  I will tackle that project tomorrow! 

For variety, I may put the pocket on the inside of the next journal.  I may also add some notebook papers and some grid-lined papers because I like to sketch and takes lots of notes, and I don't want to waste the watercolor paper on notes or sketches.  

Already excited about the prospects for my next project(s)! 

Mini Green Journal

I'm on a journal kick!  Not writing a journal, but making them!  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them all.  Hopefully sell them!!!  Someday!!!   This posts' Mini Green Journal is really "green."

I started with this:  

Yes, a box of Dove soap.  It was the perfect mini-journal size.  

I started by opening the box and adding some thin card stock to the sides and back of the inside of the box.  I folded over the outer edges, and taped them down with red double-sided tape.  This folding added reinforcements to the outer panels.  I then covered the entire box with discarded butcher paper using mod podge to adhere the paper to the Dove box. 
I chose green acrylic paint to paint the outside of the box, and I put a strip of patterned paper on the inside of the box, which is really the inside of the journal.  

There are 4 signatures in this mini-journal, each with 1 painted outer sleeve, and 3 water color papers in the inside.  I hand-stitched them with colored floss.  

The outer sleeves of each signature was hand painted with acrylic on heavy cardstock.  I didn't add any other dimensional mixed media to it because I wanted it to be crisp and clean.  But I love the acrylic colors I chose and blended.  

For the outer cover, I stamped a beautiful flower and swirl.  I might go back and paint the flower to give it some color, but I kind of like it simple and sweet as is.  

I added a gold, elastic closure to the book at the last minute because I felt the journal needed a way to stay shut. 

This last photo shows the journal from the back so you can see the stitching of the signatures and the stamps and the string of the elastic closure. 

The outer dimensions of the journal when closed are 3.25 X 2.25.  Truly a mini-journal.  This mini-journal took me about 7 hours to make, not including drying time.  I spread the making of it over a few days.  I allowed the outer shell's mod podge to dry completely over night before painting it.  I also allowed each of the painted signature sleeves to dry overnight before cutting, folding, and stitching them together. 

I used 90 lb. cold pressed water color paper for the white inserts so that they will hold up to lots of mediums such as watercolor paints, markers, mists, acrylic paints, etc.  

This was a fun project. 

Where in the World is She?

I know, I know!!!
I disappeared off the face of the blog world.  I guess it's not that big a deal since I only have 3 followers.  But for those 3, it might matter just a little.

The truth is, I've been very busy making a bunch of things.  I've taken pics, and uploaded to my email, but that's about as far as I got.  My day-job takes priority since that is what brings in the mega-millions (well . . . in heaven, it's mega millions!!!).

So soon, I hope to actually write some more tutorials to keep the 3 of you followers inspired, and the rest of you non-followers, interested!